The Story Behind The Knotted Gun

I was at grans house and  it was time for my bedtime story.

“This is a special story,a  story so very close to my heart this is a story about The Knotted Gun” whispered my gran.

“But i already know the story of the knotted gun everyone knows that story.”i replied

“oh but you dont know the true tale”said my gran with a crackle in her voice

“true tale?”i said nervously

“yessss…….oh look at the time i shall finish the story tomorrow, time for bed!”

So i got into bed, tossed and turned  then, fell asleep and never woke up…



One thought on “The Story Behind The Knotted Gun”

  1. I was intrigued by the ‘true tale’ and then your ending was an even bigger surprise. Clever!

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