When will* It Arrive? #MY 100 WORDS CHALLENGE #POEM

When will the package arrive?

Will it be today or tomorrow?

It’s waiting to be delivered,

stamped and ready to travel.

Will it have toys or sweets?

Or cloths and rubbers?

We don’t know, a surprise or a gift.
Something special.


The picture by Jessica

‘when did it arrive?’ I asked  a bit too quickly. My mum stared at me ‘it was on sale ok!’ I did not say anything but no it is not ok, I don’t want that picture, that creepy picture in the upstairs corridoor. The woman in the picture gives me shivers. My mum insisted I help her set it up so unwillingly I did to prevent arguments and when we finished it was worst than I thought. It looked like the woman was staring at me! With her deep hollow eyes. Yes those eyes that would lead to my death

the hurricane by Tallulah

…When did it arrive?’ I said as turned my head towards my dog, kiwi, and staired at her as she moved backwards towards the corner whimping.

My Mum didn’t reply. Instead she listened to the rain  and then called out ‘get in the basement!’. With my breath running out I dashed downstairs. My mum phone at six percent and my scared rating at one-hundered we listened in terror, as slow as a snail I shut the door and aproch the corners.

But I couldn’t see my mum. I saw her but it was too late I whispered ‘oh no’.

Emma’s Story

“When did it arrive?” I asked “how would i know ,i just found it on our doorstep , should we open it.” Answered my  brother “Nah we should wait for mum , anyway it isn’t  addressed to anyone, which is wired.” i told him. “Come it wouldn’t help to have a peek?”asked my brother “ummmmmm” “please”pleaded my brother “ok fine”i said .BANG!!!! “Ummm sis where are we?”whispered my brother “I don’t know”i said looking around the new location we had been teleported to “ ummm sis?”  “Yes what is it?” “What’s that” then i did something I shouldn’t of done. I looked up……..

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