Doeicorn by Jessica

The Doeicorn is a socible, kind, sweet and friendly enchanted creature that dwells in the pink lake. He is a very round almost like a doeball (which is how he got his name) and is magenta. He has round, blue bulgy eyes that he uses to look out for preditors so he does not get hunted. He has a magical silver horn that he uses to cast spells with and when he does a cascade of rainbow sparkles come shooting out of his horn. Doeicorn is also very cheeky and sometimes visits his friend when he should be in bed.

flying icecream squid — Alice

The animal is a squid that lives in the pink lake, it has wings to around, icing and sprinkels with cream  on his head. He  always has his toung sticking out and freckels on his cheeks. He lives deep down in the lake with other fishes. He loves cream, cakes,  and chocolate to eat most of the time. Flying round and out into the water and scaring other fishes is what he loves doing the most in pink lake, Though his biggest fear is for humans to hunt for them. That’s  why he has wings  so he can fly up, and AWAY!

the pearl dragon of pink lake -by manoli patton

in the lost city of naziboo the wildern there is a legendery magical pink lake named the pink  lake, this lake is home to a beautiful creature that is the only one of its kind and has a scaly body about 10 meters long. this creature is absolutaly harmless and know one has ever seen it apart from a young fairy troll and the most unique thing about it is that its scales are made of the finest pearls and the reason you will never see it is because you will never be able to locate the lost city of naziboo!


What a wonder i saw before my eyes, this gorgeous creature captivated me in  every possible way. The way it shot out of the water with grace and style. Its silver body contrasted with the shiny pink lake perfectly, it couldn’t have been more spectacular.

Its legs were stuck together and only the feet moved making it possible to move from side to side very quickly there eyes were a deep green with pupils as dark as night. It had a bubble-like shield which protected it from other hungry predators. Its character and appearance was something that coundn’t be forgotten.

Izzy’s story

“when did it arrive?” I said.

“I think I saw your little sister Emma run off with a parcel.” said Emily puzzled.
I started to panic, what if my step sister really had taken my mothers bracelet that she gave me.

I raced upstairs to Emma’s bedroom, then I swung open the door to find a sight which I did not want to see.

Emma was  cradling the bracelet! So I lunged forward and seized it off her and just caught it, but she grabbed it back and before I knew it, the  beautiful bracelet was on the floor, broken.