The Story Behind The Knotted Gun

I was at grans house and  it was time for my bedtime story.

“This is a special story,a  story so very close to my heart this is a story about The Knotted Gun” whispered my gran.

“But i already know the story of the knotted gun everyone knows that story.”i replied

“oh but you dont know the true tale”said my gran with a crackle in her voice

“true tale?”i said nervously

“yessss…….oh look at the time i shall finish the story tomorrow, time for bed!”

So i got into bed, tossed and turned  then, fell asleep and never woke up…




My telling off was bad,

“This is unbeleivable!” screamed Miss Tale.

“But i didn’t understand the instructions.”That was  my excuse, but of couse it was no use, no matter how hard i tried.

It was just  a simple quiz about rocks,but to my teacher, it was an exam as important as anything.I thought i had done quite well,scoring a high 80% ;but miss tale expected 90%.I got the highest score in the class.Is that  not good enough?

Detention was only for me. I was puzzeled


but i didn’t understand the instructions BY ISABEL H

“But I didn’t understand the instructions!”

I screamed at my teacher, she just sighed and shook her head,

I screamed and screamed but she still said nothing,

i rolled on the floor shaking my fists,

but she just walked away,

i stomped right up to her and screamed “say something!!!”

As you guessed she said nothing

I was a foolish 4 year old,

And what happened next scarred for life,


She smacked me on the face,


Emma’s poem

But i didnt understand the instructons i said

she said it wasnt an excuse.

well, i thought that was a bit harsh.

but if i said that i would end up in the marsh

Of course i ended up in detention,

they never give you much attention.

Could anything be worse,

maybe ending up with a curse.

but of course curses arnt true,

if they where i would be dead, phew!

when my mum asked how school went,

i lied and said its fine.

whilst sucking on a lime,

i love limes,

there my favourite.

Now its time for detention.

The Discovery by Tallulah

“I can’t belive it, I leave you for two seconds and your stuck on the 35th task i need it done by morning theres only 249 more to go now get to it”.

“I’m workin’ on it sir, I-I-I just need to work out where this part of this weird machine goes.” replied Zonda.

“You better hurry up or the W-H-I-P it becomes”

Zonda decided to speed up she worked all night, breathing dust and air, coughing, stressing, crying.

Blisters along the hands of Zonda she’s nearly done bye six am scared she looks at the creation and says

“oh my”…