The Wet Window by Isabelle

It had been raining all morning,the clouds heavy as an elephant, full with water and only when all the water was relenquished it could bring out the sun ,but my whole body was telling me that it wouldnt stop for ages. I would never be able to walk to my friends. I stared at the window looking longingly out wishing i was out there. The raindrops falling down the window suddenly made my head spin i was trapped in time watching this mesmirising window, soon i had forgotten about my playdate. I have never stared at a wet window before.

the man in the hat by Jessica Barklem

It was a novemeber evening,the air was wet and cold. It was 1:00am and a group of friends were messing about in park, which wasn’t sensible but they were teenagers so what else could expect? The teenages were enjoying themselves but little did they know someone was watching them, hunting them. The Teenagers heared a noise and looked round. They saw a figure completely black, he was wearing a hat but before they had the chance to look any further. There was gun shot….. I looked at mum and then at the statue that was the shape of a gun.

The knotted end

I had remembered that time,

It certainly didn’t end well.

It started when my friend rung the bell,

He came for a fun play,

Until i saw the small sculpture,

That had lurked in my brain like an ugly vulture,

That gun with the knotted end ,

I saw the real statue in the museum.

I knew it was a statue of death, like what happened to my dad,

And that is why i slammed the door in his face,

But he knew about the death of my father,

Why would he bring that

This was the knotted end of two mysterys!


A Gun With A Knot On The End BY ISABEL

She shot him with a simple gun, that gun ended his life. She was called Emily Black. The man was her twin brother, Mathew Black. Emily was the best secret agent in town, her mission led to her to kill a terrorist – that terrorist was Mathew Black.

When he was clearly dead she left him on the bedroom floor. For the rest of the day she felt nothing-no pain, no triumph, nothing.

The next day the emotions came flooding, she cried and she cried and she cried. And the pain was so big she twisted a knot in her gun.

A gun with a knot. by Alice =)

I fired my pistol, over the barrier of stone. It flew across the battle field and exploded loudly. Hours later I maneged to use all bullets and had barly any left.

Eventually I had to use some  other soilder’s machiene gun, because my pistol got shot by the Germans. Soon though, all thier amunition finished. We then had to pull our spare guns and pistols out and tie string on them.

Our symbol  of peace and war.


These days that symbol got very famous around the contry and the world.

So a group of people built a statue in the  common called “THE GUN WITH THE KNOT.”