A Gun With A Knot On The End BY ISABEL

She shot him with a simple gun, that gun ended his life. She was called Emily Black. The man was her twin brother, Mathew Black. Emily was the best secret agent in town, her mission led to her to kill a terrorist – that terrorist was Mathew Black.

When he was clearly dead she left him on the bedroom floor. For the rest of the day she felt nothing-no pain, no triumph, nothing.

The next day the emotions came flooding, she cried and she cried and she cried. And the pain was so big she twisted a knot in her gun.

One thought on “A Gun With A Knot On The End BY ISABEL”

  1. Wow, Isabel. That is a very good story. I wanted it to keep on going!!!! Like Sophie said I think you should make a whole book series on Emily Black.
    From Jessie

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