A gun with a knot. by Alice =)

I fired my pistol, over the barrier of stone. It flew across the battle field and exploded loudly. Hours later I maneged to use all bullets and had barly any left.

Eventually I had to use some  other soilder’s machiene gun, because my pistol got shot by the Germans. Soon though, all thier amunition finished. We then had to pull our spare guns and pistols out and tie string on them.

Our symbol  of peace and war.


These days that symbol got very famous around the contry and the world.

So a group of people built a statue in the  common called “THE GUN WITH THE KNOT.”

2 thoughts on “A gun with a knot. by Alice =)”

  1. Hi Alice,
    You have a very interesting story, with some very descriptive words. Is the statue in your story the real statue for the 100wc theme?

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