Rainy day BY ISABEL

“It has been raining all morning!” I sighed to Stacy on video call.

She laughed at my misfortune.

“It’s not funny!” I shouted at her.

“I know, I know.” She replied ” It is just that here in Bermuda it has been so sunny compared with England!”

“I wish I could have moved away to Bermuda with you!”

“Yeah, that would be the very best.” She said as I imagined what life would be like living in Bermuda.

I would be so happy. I would go surfing every day. I would swim with dolphins. And my life would really be amazing.


Emma’s story

It has been  raining all morning and it looked like it would rain all day, the rain was so  heavy. So it lookes like me and my family were going to be stuck inside all day. I was meant to be going to stacy’s party.Stacy’s parties were all ways so amazing  i would be devestated if i couldn’t go.The party starts at 7pm and ends at 11pm and it was already 6.30……

The rain never stopped the alarm on my phone went of for 7pm, it was terrible,i was devestated. the dreaded alarm bell rang in my ears Beep……. Beep.

Home Alone by Jessica

It had been raining all morning so I was at home. Alone. If you are wondering why it’s because my mum and dad decided to go Newcastle for the weekend, and being 16 years old I am responsible enough to look after myself. I wanted to go to the park today but the weather has already told me I can’t which is a shame. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door. I froze. there is no post on sunday. The knocking starts again I dart upstairs and hide under my bed, tears dripping down my cheek. Then the door opens.

Raining All Morning Alice russo

It was raining all moring, so i slept for a long time.

Evenntually, i came down stairs  to have breakfast.

Pancakes and syriup.

I was on my laptop for hours finishing my reports then shortly watching video clips.

I went upstairs to sit and read .

10 minutes later then watching the sky.

Then shortly doodeling and drinking orange juice and eating biscuites with cheese.

When evening came, i was ready to have  some sort of dinner  sandwiches, or toast and  beans there was’nt anything in the kitchen anyway.

I decided to just attempet to  go to the market to by some food but then shortly came back.




The wish By Tallulah

It had been raining all morning… mum said “Oh it looks like the trip to the skate park is cancelled “but Mum” said the boy, he carried on “I’ve been wanting to go all week”

Dad said “Better go next week it would be better; you wouldn’t get wet”. The boy staired at his Parents he’d been planing it for weeks and afterall his mum did wants some more ‘family time’.

The boy angrily stomped to his room he texted his best friend Sam and was complaining “i wish i was never alive the next day his wish came true”.